Yume’s route incoming in the next week or two

I’m sorry about the delay on Yume’s route summary. Now that my college classes are done I have time to work on Yume’s route summary. I am about done doing my initial read through of the route and will start gathering screenshots and putting everything together in the coming days.

Expect it to be done in the next two weeks.

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Eternal Hearts – Mare’s route

Mare’s route
Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Hearts Fandisc

Disclaimer:  I make no guarantee that this information is 100% accurate. I read the route to the best of my abilities and tried to summarize everything in an accurate fashion. Some scenes that I felt were unimportant were skipped or glossed over. I also did not include any hentai CG’s. There are spoilers for the first game and obviously this whole route.


Mare’s route starts out with Mare recalling the exact same scene from the very end of her route in the original game. She recalls how they made a promise to be together forever, and how she had promised to become his bride.


Flash forward to a few days later and a mysterious girl is running through the forest. Her monologue reveals she is a shrine maiden from the main shrine.  It turns out she was sent to finish Setsuna’s mission, which was to send off Kosame. She has no idea why Setsuna has failed her duties and why someone as strong as her is having trouble sending off Kosame. She remembers how she used to live in Hibari, but she cannot remember who her family was. All she remembers from her past is that her name is Ima.

Ima overhears people talking and hides in the lookout’s main building. It turn’s out those people are Mare and You. Initially she thinks that they are just a couple but she notices the writing on Mare’s scythe. After reading the writing she instantly realizes that Mare is a star spirit. This is the first star spirit she has ever seen, and it makes her tremble. She restrains herself from attacking because You is there and a shrine maiden must operate secretly.

“My workload has just increased” – Ima

Setsuna reports to Mayako on how she drove away an attacker that came from the main shrine.  Setsuna states that the attacker’s name was Asuka Ima. Setsuna always knew that her actions would cause her to be kicked out of the shrine but until now it hadn’t really sunk in.  Setsuna becomes troubled over losing her home at the main shrine, but Mayaka tells her that her home is right here. Setsuna promises to continue to protect Kosame.

Kosame and Komomo were eavesdropping. Kosame is wondering if there is any connection between Asuka Ima and their friend, Asuka-kun. At this point she is assuming it is purely a coincidence but is still suspicious. Due to the impending danger Setsuna makes Kosame agree to stay home at night from now on.

The next morning at school Kosame asked You if he was with Mare last night. He said he was and asked why she wanted to know. Kosame doesn’t give a clear answer and You lets the issue drop because he can tell it’s something she doesn’t want to talk about at the moment. Later during lunch she finally gives in and explains the whole situation to Asuho and You. You promises to keep Mare safe from harm and Kosame tells him she’ll keep him updated on the situation. Asuho feels a bit left out and promises to help in any way she can.

After school You heads straight to the lookout. As soon as You gets into the lookout itself he is hit with the back of a scythe. Mare claims it was purely coincidental and that she was just practice swinging, but You finds that hard to believe because of how pissed she looks. You tries to press her for the reasoning behind her hitting him and she just continually hits him as a reply. She threatens to leave and You tells her to wait, because he understands her feelings. This freaks her out and she starts to run away because she thinks he can read her mind. You calms her down and explains that he was just joking. As she is coming out of her hiding spot accidentally says what she had been thinking,

I wanted to become You-kun’s bride soon” – Mare

He tells mare that she needs to disappear for awhile and that he won’t be seeing her for awhile. This freaks her out at first and she starts to cry, assuming that he hates her. He clears up that misunderstanding and tells her it’s only because Ima is out to kill her. Mare refuses to comply with his request. They eventually come to a compromise and she says she’ll hide when You isn’t around.

Mare and You go on a date with intentions of ending up at the Milky Way. Somehow Mare got roped into dressing up as an employee and serving customers. Mare’s personality isn’t exactly fit for serving customers and it shows.  Asuho’s dad seems to approve of her even though she acts rude,

“Success!” – Asuho’s dad

She becomes happy after You says he likes how she looks in that outfit. She likes the idea of being You’s housemaid, until he says “Please call me Master.” At that point she asks if he would like to be stabbed.

Mayaka warns Ren and Taiga of Ima’s arrival. Taiga is concerned because even if they drive Ima off a new shrine maiden will most likely come. Mayaka agrees with him and they try to think about what they can do. The smartest option would be to leave Hibari but neither one of them wants to leave because they have lived there their whole life.

You and Mare are back at the lookout and start to kiss eachother. You notices that Mare has become wet during their make out session. You starts to embrace her and Mare tells You to wait while she goes to get something. She comes back with a maid outfit she took from the Milky Way. They have all kinds of sex. (Sorry not posting any nude CGs on here :P)

The next day Mare is “delighted” to see You and “accidentally” hits him with her scythe again. Everyone is planning on swimming at an indoor waterpark and You wants to take Mare to get a swimsuit. According to Mare, Shinigami do not receive presents OR wear swimsuits. She finally agrees after You tells her it would make him happy. She says she’s only doing it because as You’s Onee-chan its her job to make him happy.

After Mare finishes picking out a swimsuit they decide to head over to the hospital and visit Yume. They run into Asuka-kun who had been absent from school that day. You calls out to him, but he doesn’t reply. He just has a vacant stare and he stumbles slowly along the bridge. He completely ignores You and disappears into the distance. Neither You or Mare can figure out what’s wrong with him.

Taiga and Ren stop in front of You’s house to discuss the current situation with the main shrine. Ren has been watching You at night to make sure he and Mare are safe. Aoi, Chinami, and Suzaha walk up just as Taiga and Ren are about to leave. They all talk about random things and just as the conversation is ending Aoi calls him a lolicon. Ren joins in on the fun and calls him a “No good lolicon! No good lolicon!”

Initially the visit to the hospital is going very well. Mare is telling Yume about her date with You and how he bought her a swimsuit. Everything’s fine until Mare talks about how You said that he’s been wanting to see her in a swimsuit. Yume got jealous and called You a pervert. Soon after that Yume exclaims, “I will not lose to Mare”, which causes Mare to say the same. A romantic rivalry is established and Yume tells Mare she will act as her mother.
Ren comes to give Mare advice at the lookout, but things get off to a rocky start. Mare says she doesn’t want to take advice from a child and that Mare is her Onee-san. Both keep calling each other children until Ren finally backs down. Ren questions why Mare isn’t staying hidden even though You had told her too. Ren threatens to tell You that Mare didn’t listen and Mare starts worry because she thinks You will get mad at her.

Ren says that  she won’t tell You as long as Mare calls her Onee-san. They continue to have childish fights about who is older and whose lover is more of a “no good human” (“No, Taiga is more of a no good human”, “No, You-kun is!”). Ren eventually leaves and Mare reaffirms to herself that she doesn’t want to lose to Yume. You shows up and a swimsuit induced sex scene occurs.

Kosame decides she no longer wants to put her family and friends in harm’s way. She stands in the open with hope that Ima will attack her and end it all. After just a little waiting an arrow shoots right past Kosame’s head, close enough to take some hair off. Kosame begs Ima to convince the Shrine HQ to leave Setsuna and the rest of her family alone after Kosame is killed. Ima instantly shoots her down her request. Kosame tries to convince her that she will be hunted down by Setsuna unless Kosame tells her how to avoid Setsuna. Initially Ima appears to be considering it but in the end she refuses the deal because Kosame is a star spirit. Ima unleashes a volley of arrows and….

Setsuna to the rescue! Setsuna pretty much crushes Ima’s attack and drives her off quickly. After the battle Setsuna scolds Kosame for doing something so stupid. Setsuna explains that a family needs to work together and that she can’t run off to do things on her own like that. Kosame apologizes and promises never to do that again.

Everyone is worried about Asuka-kun because he has been missing school and not answering his phone calls. The last person he talked to was Asuho and he explained that he had a feeling his sister was near and that he was going to search for her. Everyone at this point realizes the connection between Ima and him. Mare and You are walking around town on a date and Mare decides she wants to go on You’s shoulders. Much to You’s dismay, she floats in the air instead of getting on normally. This causes You to panic and scold her for being careless in public like that.   She hops on his shoulders normally and she is thoroughly enjoying the scenery until Setsuna and Kosame appear. Setsuna exclaims how Mare and You look like father and daughter. Kosame chimes in and says she thought the same thing when seeing Mare on You’s shoulders. This causes Mare to become depressed and grudgingly state that she now hates piggyback rides. (Awww :(! Damn you Setsuna and Kosame. Poor Mare).

Komomo confronts Ima at the lookout and they have quite a long conversation. Komomo defends her sister’s humanity and deflects Ima’s beliefs that Kosame is some kind of monster. Ima thinks that she has the upper hand because if she got rid of Komomo’s nightmare then Kosame would disappear. Komomo explains that Kosame is no longer her nightmare and that she isn’t afraid of Ima. A mysterious figure appears out of the bushes suddenly. It’s You to the rescue and Komomo is extremely surprised to see him. He thinks to himself about how strange it was that she was so surprised.  You asks Ima if she is Asuka-kun’s sister and she says she does not know. Ima says she’s going to take Komomo hostage and You says that won’t happen. Ima asks how You will stop her and he says “With this…”


Mare materializes behind Ima and slashes at her. Ima easily dodges the attack. Ima exclaims how such a simple trick would never work on her, especially considering how she already knew You was friends with Mare. A new voice suddenly appears behind Ima and another slash is heard. This time it connected and Ima gets cut straight through her torso.

“Feeling too secure was your weakness” says Ren. Ren was the one who got the slash in, much to Mare’s annoyance. In fact You never told Mare anything about Ren helping out, which really pissed her off.

“No way…”

Ima’s nightmare has been successfully reaped and they decide to bring her back to Mayaka’s shrine to rest. As they are bringing her back they can hear her grumbling “Onii-chan..” It seems her memories of the past have returned now that her nightmare had been severed.

Ima wakes up at the shrine with Kosame and Komomo in the room. Her fighting spirit appears to have disappeared and Komomo/Kosame start teasing her. Kosame explains how they had to wash her body while she was sleeping and how they were surprised to see her wearing no underwear. Komomo and Kosame try to get her to take a bath and eat but she is initially stubborn and won’t.

When Komomo and Kosame return Ima is gone and Sestsuna is standing in the room alone. Setsuna explains that Ima left and she didn’t try to stop her.  Both girls are flabbergasted as to why Setsuna would do such a dangerous thing. Setsuna explains that You called and said Asuka-kun was going to be waiting at the Milky Way for Ima and that Ima had heard the call. Setsuna has faith that Ima will go to the Milky Way in order to meet Asuka-kun.

It seems Setsuna’s faith was severely misplaced because Ima is heading the opposite direction of the Milky Way. Ren appears and asks why she isn’t going to the Milky Way. Ima grabs an arrow she has and readies herself to throw it at Ren (Setsuna took her bow). Ren simply taunts Ima with the words “No underwear! No underwear!” over and over.  In a rage Ima throws her arrow at Ren and it goes straight through Ren’s heart.  *Thunk*, the arrow connects to a distant tree. The arrow went straight through Ren’s body and did no damage. Ren explains that Ima is too immature to be able to hurt Ren. After Ima’s arrows are all used Ren disappears and leaves Ima behind to sulk as she picks an arrow up off the ground.

Mare and You enter the lookout only to find Ima standing there.”With this last arrow, I will destroy that spirit over there” says Ima. You asks her why she is doing this when her nightmare was already severed. Ima explains that as a child her family was her nightmare and that nightmare was reaped (Which is the reason for her memory loss). She states how even though her memory of her family is back, it’s still fuzzy. With time she has forgot their faces and that in reality nothing has changed even though she can remember her family.

Mare steps out from behind You and tries to talk to Ima. The conversation gets off to a bad start (like usual with Mare) because Mare calls her a child. Mare asks why she hates her so much and Ima states because this is what her life is all about. She is a shrine maiden and she has been trained to send off star spirits. Mare says that because she is the onee-chan she will forgive Ima.

“Ima.. I will also forgive you..” – ???

A shadow appears and steals Ima’s last arrow. That person is Asuka-kun and he hugs Ima, whispering that it’s all okay. She tells him how one day after school she was walking home and was knocked unconscious by someone. She awoke in a dark room and had no idea where she was. She cried for help but no one came to help her. He tells her it’s all okay now and that she should come home. She starts crying as she says, “I’m home onii-chan.”

Mayaka tells Setsuna that she has a contact in the main shrine and they are one of the higher ups. Mayaka says that every generation of Asuka’s family had strong spiritual power. The main shrine has no problem kidnapping potential shrine maidens who showed potential and Ima happened to be one of those maidens who got kidnapped. Mayaka says how it’s a common practice at the shrine and how they don’t worry about being caught because the shrine maidens operate outside of society, maintaining minimum contact with the general public. Setsuna is completely disgusted at these revelations. (AUTHOR NOTE: This sheds more light on why Ima’s nightmare was her family even though she loved her family. Because of the kidnapping she had been seperated from her family and those memories of her family were causing her sadness/grief/etc, thus those memories were her nightmare).

Komomo and Kosame were both eavesdropping again. Komomo is visibly shaken over the revelations of Ima’s kidnapping and how hard Mayaka has been working on keeping the main shrine away from Komomo. After being silent for awhile Komomo finally says, “Setsuna… I want power. I want to be able to protect Kosame”. Setsuna promises to be there for Kosame and she moves into their house. Setsuna thinks to herself that having this as her hometown might not be so bad.

In the final scene the whole gang gets together on the rooftop while it snows. One person is missing and that’s Mare. You had forced her to rest because the next day was the day where everyone was going to the indoor pool together. All of them reflect on what’s happened and how beautiful the sky is in this town.


One by one everyone arrives at the pool. Asuho, Chinami, and You are the first to arrive and Asuho jumps in before anyone else gets there. Soon after Kosame and Komomo appear. Within minutes of her arrival Komomo calls You a lolicon after Kosame makes a joke about how the girls should be worried because You will turn into a wolf. Setsuna grudgingly comes out of the dressing room in her swimsuit and stands there chanting “I do not like this. I do not like this”. Apparently it’s her first time wearing a swimsuit like this in public and Kosame asks You what he thinks of her. At first You doesn’t give a solid answer which causes Setsuna to get a little pissed. After a bit he finally says that it suits her and she tells him not to get conceited.  Finally Suzaha arrives while pulling a sleeping Aoi’s hand. Even though it’s already 10:00AM Aoi is still fast asleep. The only one still missing is Mare but You says she won’t be here till later in the day when it’s not so bright out.Kosame teases Komomo and Setsuna about You, which causes Setsuna to do the “Kosame IEE!! karate chop” on You’s neck. She does it a bit too hard though and causes him to collapse to the ground. After he wakes up he asks Setsuna why she hit him and she states it’s because she refuses to hit a girl. Komomo wonders how Setsuna can be so strong and Setsuna explains that she is borrowing spiritual power and using it to add strength to her attacks. Komomo calls it nonsense which makes Kosame jokingly say how Komomo having this power is a waste of potential talent. Setsuna agrees and says that Komomo needs to accept the supernatural if she ever wants a chance at becoming the leader of the head shrine (Thus getting the ability to make reforms for the better).Everyone is having a great time at the pool, especially Chinami and Suzaha. At first Suzaha is reluctant to go on the slides but Chinami drags her onto one. Suzaha ends up thoroughly enjoying the slides. Setsuna is being stubborn and won’t go swimming or ride the slides until You convinces her to go with Suzaha because two people are needed to go on the tube slide. Kosame follows Komomo because Komomo agreed to let Kosame rub oil on her. You and Asuho decide to swim together until Mare arrives.

As dusk approaches Mare finally appears in her swimming suit. After a brief hello Mare suddenly realizes how crowded it is and makes a quick dash to hide behind You. You says how he’s happy that Mare listened to him about resting for the past day and Mare says that she won’t lose to Yume. You and Mare decide to go into the pool together. Much to You’s dismay Mare simply floats over the water in front of everyone. After being lightly scolded by You she stops floating and plummets straight into the water. You pulls her out of the water after realizing she can’t swim.You tells Mare that he’ll teach her how to swim and is met with resistance at first because Mare thinks being taught to swim is childish. However he convinces her by saying that it would make him happy. This causes her to blush and become obedient. After buying a inner tube they finally get in the water. She’s happy at first but soon sulks because she thinks the inner tube is only for children. You replies that even adults use the inner tube and points at Aoi floating with an inner tube in the hot tub. “I do not want to be doing the same thing as that rude kid,” says Mare. “That’s something a child would say,” says You. “Well then, let’s swim!” exclaims Mare(You has certainly become an expert at convincing her to do things). She notices a parent teaching his child to swim the same way and this makes her sad again. You quickly says, “We are lovers by any standard” and she becomes overjoyed, which ends a great day at the pool.Ima has finally reunited with her whole family. Sadly she is unable to stay very long at the moment. She intends on going back to the main shrine in order to formally quit. She explains how if she doesn’t go back they will become suspicious and that they will send multiple shrine maidens to come and investigate why two shrine maidens had failed.  She promises to come back and tells him that this is her home. Asuka promises to ask an influential house head for assistance with her quitting the shrine.

“I promise, always, I’ll come back. I’ll come back to you, our family, and the place of our home” – Ima

You and Mare visit Yume in the hospital.  Yume asks Mare if she still isn’t accustomed to the hospital yet because she is holding You’s hand. Mare states that she simply enjoys holding You’s hand and that she is fine with the hospital(Author Note: I like how Mare is only honest when the goal is to make Yume jealous).Mare talks about the wonderful day she had at the pool with You. She talks about all the things they did and how she learned how to swim. Mare tells Yume she brought her a gift and that she wants to teach Yume how to swim when she gets out of the hospital. Yume opens the bag to find a inner tube and says angrily, “Treating me like a child…” This causes Mare to say, “I knew it! After all, an inner tube IS for children.”  Mare and Yume get into another “I’m the onee-san”, “No I’m the onee-san” argument.

Yume thanks You and Mare for the gift because she treasures any gift that they would give her. She promises to go swimming with them at the beach when she gets out of the hospital. Yume thanks Mare and says, “I’m not going to lose to you Mare”(In regards to being with You).  She makes a formal promise with Mare that all three of them with go swimming at the beach, “Because we both like(love) You-kun.”

You and Mare are watching the stars together and they see a shooting star go by. Mare briefly sees an image of Kaakun fly by in the sky and she remembers all the promises she had made.

“Even if I’m being carried piggyback, can I be You-kun’s lover? Can I become You-kun’s bride? Let’s make this promise together.” – Mare

It is led to twinkling of the star, and the love becomes eternal..

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